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“Keep in mind, however, that we can all slip in and out of loneliness. Feeling lonely at any particular moment simply means that you are human”
― John T. Cacioppo, Loneliness: Human Nature and the Need for Social Connection



Monkey Business

The world is a wonderful place – good, bad, inspiring, turn off-ish, engaging, annoying, beautiful and ugly. We can choose where we want to be, what we want to see/do – sometimes anyway – with a decent amount of time lag in between these choices just in case we do change our minds. Some days are great and some days are a total shitfest. For such days we have cat videos on the internet.

God bless the internet.

The internet it is also such wonderful place. But unlike the world, the internet is like a waterfall of information and possible choices of which we stand under. Once we are in it on it everywhere all over it – we become slightly obsessed and extremely lost. And then it begins … we slowly become aware, our eyes opened to the infinite possibilities of “LIFE”.

 —> brain on psycho mode —>

“why is everyone having fun without me #ineedcoolphotogenicfriends? Am I supposed to be visiting all these cool countries #ineedtostopbuyingfoodsoicantravel? Am I supposed to be Youtuber #reminder:starvetobuystudiolights? Am I supposed to be a starting a startup #startstartstart? Am I supposed to be baking and taking cool pictures of my delicious creations #canonmarkiii? Am I supposed to be an instagram star? Why don’t I have many followers? People must hate my pics or maybe I just look weird..no no I snapchatted my face earlier I look great. calm down. What am I doing with my life 😭 I hate my life.

Banksykid (1).jpg
1-second/forever later….
OK OK I know what to do. I just need to become this new person worthy of being watched by people I don’t know. Become part of the internet that tries to sell people stuff they never knew they needed and awesome experiences they never knew they could/should have until my awesome ass came along. This is great. Life is gonna be great. I’m going to inspire people. One day when I am able to (make people feel like shit first cause I did as well) I’ll have so much influence that I shall be so blessed #thankyougod to be able to write a book and spread a unique message that they can achieve all their fabulous dreams just like me. #ragstoriches #theinternetismybitch #yayme.”

…yea nothing much happens after this besides you know having to pay your taxes, bills, mortgages, buying meds, surviving – nothing they teach you at school.

But yes there are still cat videos for such days.




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